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Medieval Armour & Brass casting.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine.  workshop produces and sells  armour and cast items  of the highest quality. 
We are not resselers, each item is produced by our experienced craftsmen.
We provide unique medieval armours and other theme goods to Russia and Ukraine since 1998 and over the World since 2004. 
You can find a lot of recommendations about us at the most famous re-enactment forum - ArmourArchive.
We work hard to ensure that our product assortment, product availability, reliable delivery, and superior customer service work together to create a great shopping experience.

ArmourAndCastings team:

Viktor "Velund" Ivanoff (the chief, custom armour and casting in charge) 
Sergey "Beathan" Khudoliy (webmaster & finance administrator )

Richard (custom casting wax modeller  
Denis Novikov (chief founder )
with his team
Viking (leatherworks, site administration, foreign communication in charge)

Our contacts:

Email: beathan [at]
cell phone +38097 5980309 

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