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Processing your order:

Castings orders:
Most cast items are not in stock just now and are to be produced specially for the customer within 10 days term.  Gilted Items can be in production up to 20 days. 

Belt orders:
Ordering a belt mind that if color is not specified all the belts are made of dark brown leather by default as this color is usually available and it is the one most demanded. If you want a different color - mention it in the comment field within the order form. Length of the belts from solid strap is 150 cm. Longer length is possible with using split rings to connect straps . When ordering a belt do not forget to give info about circumference of your waist (it is critical for some types of belts) and about the whole length of the belt (in case if you want it shorter than 150cm). 

Pouches orders:
Ordering a pouch from "Pouches" section please specify the color you'd like your pouch to be as some colors may be unavailable from time to time. 

Please take that into account all this points when placing an order. Thank you.

Payment ways:

We accept credit cards and PayPal payments through our secure partner
Also available Western Union order and Bank Wire transfer. For this payment options please contact us over email.


Shipping of all orders is performed through regular Ukrainian Air Mail which proved to be reliable in most cases. 
Estimated time of arrival 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it can be a little longer, due to customs delays.
This way of shipping supports tracking information.

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