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New Swords and Crossbows section update and pouches sale from Armour and Castings!


We want to introduce you several news today!

First: we start to produce HMB ready swords and sabers.
Swords and sabers section 

You can check it at

Second: we have some new crossbows in our Crossbows/Bows section!

Crossbow section

And the third: Up to 32% off for pouches in "Stock" section. 
Ready to be shipped immediately. Don't miss it!

Stock section

Thank you for your attention!

New 'pelican' brooch. Burgundy, 15th cent.

New Pelican brooch

A 'pelican' brooch. Burgundy, 15th cent.
Garnet, blue spinel, pearls, gilding.

Check this and many other new items  at our new storefront! 
Use coupon code 22JUL and get 5% discount for order! 

Use "remind password" option and your email as login to get access to your new account.

Contact us if you had any difficulties with placing order. 

Coupon code valid till 30/07/2013

New version of website

Well - looks like we are ready to start new version of the website.

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